Partial Discharge Management System

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Partial Discharge Management System


Product Overview
Insulation defects caused by prolonged operation of power facilities including switchboards, power cables, and GIS are some of the main causes of power plant failure. Insulation defects result in partial discharge, which causes the insulation to deteriorate, leading to power outage.

ISAAC-PDS-PDMS functions for inputting and transmitting HFCT sensors by attaching them to a ground wire to detect isolation of ultra high-pressure cables to higher operating systems and data management.

It receives window type and drain valve insertion type UHF sensor signal for partial discharge diagnosis of transformer and transmitting it to upper operating system and data management.

Capable of receiving window type UHF sensor and noise sensor signals for diagnosis of partial discharge of GIS, transmitting them to higher operating system, and data management.

Also on HFCT, TEV, AE, TEV / AE complex, noise sensor signals for diagnosis of partial discharge of cable connection and internal part of ultra high voltage switchboard and transmitting them to the upper operating system and data management.


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• Manages and transmits partial discharge signals from ultra-high voltage cables, transformers, GIS and switchboards in real time to higher operating systems.
• Supports high-speed ethernet communications to easily connect to higher operating systems.
• Multiple partial discharge diagnostic sensor-compatible connections up to 10CHs.


Detail Specs
Size(W x D x H) 442mm x 300mm x 135mm
Power Supply 220VAC, 60Hz
Input Channel 10 Channels
A/D conversion Precision 12 bits
Bandwidth Limitation TEV : 30MHz ~ 100MHz
AE : 20KHz ~ 200KHz
HFCT : 100KHz ~ 50MHz
UHF : 300MHZ ~ 1800MHz
Sampling Rate 100MHz (Single Sampling)
Input Impedance 50Ω
Operating Temperature Range -25℃ ~ 50℃
Operating Humidity Range < 95%
Protection Class IP65
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, UDP/IP
Communication Port(External) RJ45
Coaxial Cable Interface BNC
Installation Method Rack Mounting Case
EMC test certification(IEC60255-26)
     ESD tolerance test IEC61000-4-2
     RS Frequency Tolerance test IEC61000-4-3
     EFT Burst Tolerance Test IEC61000-4-4
     Tolerance Test for Serge IEC61000-4-5
     Conduction Resistance Test IEC61000-4-6
Design Test Certification
     Insulation Resistance for Outside Over 10M Ohm
     Temperature Test -40℃ ~ 85℃
     Humidity Test 95%