Partial Discharge Sensor for Transformer

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Partial Discharge Sensor for Transformer


Product Overview
In the inlet transformer where insulators including insulating oil, insulating paper, and press board are used, poor manufacturing of insulating materials or deterioration of age may result in initial partial discharge due to weakening of insulation strength. Depending on the time of use, such partial discharge will further weaken the insulation resistance, leading to unforeseen major accidents.

The UHF PD measuring sensor (ISAAC-PDS-MH165) is a transformer manhole mounted sensor that measures partial discharge within the transformer by connecting to a system that pre-detects insulation deterioration of the transformer.

The above equipment detects signals in the UHF band and improves measurement sensitivity and is good for reducing external noise.


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• Real-time diagnosis of power facilities by real-time partial discharge measurements.
• Reduce installation costs by allowing it to be installed while driving.
• Conversion manholes for convenient maintenance.
• Improved sensitivity and reduced external noise using UHF band measurement method.


Detail Specs
Size Flange Part : Φ165 x 25 mm

Sensor Part : Φ110

Connector N-type (Female)
Temperature -55 ~ +70℃
Frequency Range 300MHz ~ 1800MHz
Impedance 50W
Return Loss(S11) Standard S11 Loss ±3dB
Sensor Hydro Pressure 7bar (0.7MPa) JIS F7400


Return Loss (S11)