Partial Discharge Sensor for Power System

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Partial Discharge Sensor for Power System

HFCT(High Frequency Current Transformer)

Product Overview
Insulation defects caused by prolonged operation of power facilities including switchboards, power cables, and GIS are some of the main causes of power plant failure. Insulation defects result in partial discharge, which causes the insulation to deteriorate, resulting in power outage.

ISAAC-PDS-HFCT-01 measures current signal in high frequency (HF) band generated by the ground line in the event of a partial discharge, and sends it to the monitoring system to prevent power outages due to faulty insulation in the power plant. In addition, the clamp installation method simplifies installation and maintenance, and can be installed while the facility is running.




Application & HMI


• Accurate partial discharge measurement and condition diagnosis in real time by installing HFCT sensor on the ground line.
• Reduce installation costs and time by allowing it to be installed while power is running.
• Simple maintenance by tightening a ground wire.


Detail Specs
Size(W x D x H), Internal hole, Weight 120mm x 120mm x 30mm, Φ44mm, 0.8 kg
Connector BNC 또는 N-type (Female)
Operating Temperature Range -45℃ ~ +80℃
Operating Humidity Range 5% ~ 95% Non-Condensing
Bandwidth 100KHz ~ 50MHz
Load Impedance 50W
Measurement Range 5pC ~ 10,000pC