Partial Discharge Sensor for Switchgear

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Partial Discharge Sensor for Switchgear

AE(Acoustic Emission) Sensor

Product Overview
Insulation defects caused by prolonged operation of power facilities including switchboards, power cables, and GIS are some of the main causes of power plant failure. Insulation faults result in partial discharge, which causes the insulation to deteriorate, resulting in power outage.

ISAAC-PDS-AE-01 is an Acoustic Emissions (AE) sensor that detects ultrasonic signals from inside the power plant and observes them through monitoring system.




Application & HMI


• Precise ultra-sound measurements and status diagnostics in real time using AE sensors.
• Reduce installation costs and time by allowing it to be installed while power is running.
• Convenient maintenance by attaching it to the surface of the power plant.


Detail Specs
Size(Φ x H) 55mm X 30mm
Connector Standard BNC or N-type (Female)
AE Frequency Range 20 ~ 200KHz
AE Sensitivity ≤10pC
AE Center Frequency 40 kHz