Partial Discharge Sensor for Power System

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Partial Discharge Sensor for Power System

UHF Noise Sensor


Product Overview
The noise sensor is attached to the outside of the switchboard through a magnet and is mainly used to measure the noise signal in the environment in which the switchboard is located. For example, noise signals such as cell phone signals, inverter noise, and servomotor can enter the switchboard through the switchboard observation hole.

ISAAC-PDS-NOISE-01 is a sensor to identify and remove various noise signals entering the switchboard from the outside, preventing the UHF sensor from mistaking the noise signals for partial discharge signals.




Application & HMI


• Identify and eliminate external noise coming into the switchboard in real time.
• Reduce installation costs and time by allowing it to be installed while power is running.
• Convenient maintenance by attaching it to the surface of the power plant.


Detail Specs
Size(W x D x H), Weight 100mm X 66mm X 175mm, 0.5kg
Connector Standard BNC
Frequency Range 300MHz ~ 3,000MHz
Sensitivity ≤10pC
Measurement Range -80dBm ~ -20dBm
Install Type panel attachment
Protection Class IP65