Gas Monitor for Oil-filled Transformer

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Gas Monitor for Oil-filled Transformer


Product Overview
Insulation oil, insulation paper, press board, insulation tape, etc used as insulation for inlet devices, such as transformers, are decomposed by heat or ARC resulting from transformer overload or failure, resulting in hydrogen (H2) and hydrocarbon gas.

HiPDS-GM2 is a transformer insulating oil deterioration monitoring and analysis device that monitors hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO), and moisture (Moisture) of the transformer’s oil gas through real-time on-line monitoring to prevent large-scale accidents in advance and to ensure proper operation of the transformer.

In particular, when installed in existing or aged transformers that are expected to be anomalous and deteriorated, HiPDS-GM2 monitors early anomalies accurately in real time to improve transformer operation and help extend transformer’s lifespan.





HMI Picture & Manager Application


· Online real-time gas and moisture detection to prevent sudden accidents of transformers.
· Convenient monitoring function (OPTION) with dedicated HMI function.
· Smartphone monitoring function (OPTION).
· Convenient maintenance by installing the transformer drain valve directly.
· Reducing the cost of installing new and operating transformers by applying a single valve.


Detail Specs
Hydrogen Measurement range 25-5,000 ppm
Accuracy 20% of reading or 25 ppm
Carbon monoxide Measurement range 0-10,000 ppm
Accuracy 20% of reading or 25 ppm
Moisture Measurement range 0…1 aw
Accuracy ±0.02 aw(0…0.9 aw),±0.03 aw(0.9…1 aw)
Operating temperature range -40℃~ 50℃
Storage temperature range -40℃~ 80℃
Oil temperature measurement range -40℃~ 105℃
Alarm relays 3 relays
Communication protocols Modbus / RS485
Weight, Size 8kg, 235mm(H) x 260mm(W) x 203mm(D)
Warranty 1 year