Partial Discharge User Experience

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Partial Discharge User Experience


Product Overview
Insulation defects caused by prolonged operation of power facilities including switchboards, power cables, and GIS are some of the main causes of power plant failure. Insulation defects result in partial discharge, which causes the insulation to deteriorate, resulting in a power outage.

ISAAC-PDS-PDUX is an operational software for monitoring the insulation status and internal abnormalities of power facilities by analyzing partial discharge location estimation, partial discharge size, accumulation of partial discharge, partial discharge status analysis, alarm, trend, historical trend data check, event and trend information on the PC through real-time partial discharge detection.


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• Real-time action screens can be configured to check overall system status of the site, and monitor installation location, operation status of each sensor, and system configuration at the site as a whole.
• High-speed ethernet communications make it easy to connect to the Partial Discharge Management System (PDMS).
• Sensor data expansion free of charge and full HD screen display.